Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi  first introduced Ellanse to the UK in 2010. Ellanse usage has since become nationally widespread.

Unlike dermal fillers which consist of Hyaluronic acid, Ellanse’s primary component, Poly-Caprolactone, operates as a bio simulator in the production of collagen.

Results are therefore long lasting. Patients can expect to benefit from the results from 2-5 years. Ellanse offers an incredibly natural looking result in conjunction with longevity, which has led to the treatment being regarded as both unique and the safest product within the field of aesthetic medicine.

AQTIS Medica developed Ellanse in Holland in 2010. The product has been designed in such a way that sub-dermal implantation is possible, resulting in maximum modelling of facial contours due to its unique viscosity and elasticity.

Ellanse uses

Neo-collagenases within the Ellanse product act as biostimulators, supporting long-lasting results. Ellanse can thus be used for the following:

  • Correction of wrinkles and facial sagging
  • Volumisation
  • Contouring of facial dimensions
  • Sculpturing

Through pioneering the development and advance usages of Ellanse, Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi has successfully treated patients to correct and improve facial symmetry, the appearance of facial scars, the appearance of cellulite such as in treating facial and to increase facial volumisation.

Ellanse Suitability

Ellanse is suitable for women and men who wish to improve the appearance of sunken facial contours, deep acne scars and wrinkle and deep folds around the mouth. Ellanse is an entirely natural product, which is both non-animal and non-human.  Ellanse’s bio-compatibility means that treatment is predictable, can be controlled and supports safe bio-resorption.


How does Ellanse work?

The mode of action is the same throughout all Ellansé range, providing immediate results, in addition to the Biostimulation of gollagen for longer-lasting results.

Immediate side effects are very rare and may include injection-related events, such as, minimum redness, slight tenderness or discomfort and some bruising or swelling.

Small bumps under the skin in the treated area could rarely occur and these bumps are not visible and may only be noticed when pressing on the treated area. All of these side effects usually last only 2-3 days.

Ellanse Vs Other Dermal Fillers

The nature of Ellanse’s composition, which includes Poly-Caprolactone, enables a longer-lasting result than those offered by Hyaluronic acid- based dermal fillers. Ellanse is advantageous in sustaining results as well as offering an immediate effect. We are proud to have been the first clinic to offer Ellanse treatment in the UK.

Ellanse is the first and the only Dermal Filler which acts as a bio-simulator of collagen, by using the body’s natural response to stimulate of the body’s own collagen giving a fresh, youthful look with natural results lasting up to two to five years.

Ellanse is a non-animal and non-bacterial product, which stimulates natural bio-simulator to new collagen. It has optimal bio-compatibility, due to the very smooth spherical microspheres.

It has four distinctive versions, lasting from one year to four years, which allows the doctor to choose the most suitable Ellanse range for each individual patient and eliminating the need for frequent repeat dermal filler treatments.

Ellanse Saftey

Ellanse has both approval from the FDA (USA) approved and MHRA (UK) approval for correction and improvement of facial contours. It is deemed to be a very safe product when used by a competent cosmetic surgeon.

Clinical studies indicate that the mechanism of bio-resorption of Ellanse offers optimum results and a minimal risk of complications.

Ellanse at our clinic

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi has performed thousands of procedures involving Ellanse treatment, enabling the development of an advanced technique to treat facial asymmetry, loss of facial volume, the appearance of cellulite and scar treatment.

At the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ayoubi treats patients from all around the world. The clinic is also renowned as one of the leading training centers for Ellanse treatment in the UK and Europe.