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Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi MD, MS, FEAFPS, FESAS, DLO RCS (London)

ENT, Facial Plastic and Laser Surgeon

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi is acclaimed for his contribution to the world of Facial Plastic Surgery for both conduction of complex, invasive surgeries but also through the advancements he has made within the field of cosmetic facial aesthetics. When Dr Ayoubi is not in theatre carrying out innovative procedures in Laser Surgery and ENT, he upholds his reputation as a highly experienced Cosmetic Consultant at his London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, based at 1 Harley Street. Dr Ayoubi is the founder and medical director at his prestigious clinic.

As one of the pioneering facial plastic surgeons of Sculptra in the UK, Dr Ayoubi’s patients travel from all around the world to benefit from his superior, knowledge-based procedure. Dr Ayoubi has conducted over 7,000 highly successful cases of Scupltra since he introduced the treatment over 20 years ago, adding to his vast experience.

Dr Ayoubi is recognised as a leading surgeon in the provision of Sculptra treatments and travels all over the world to lecture plastic surgeons on his techniques. Dr Ayoubi’s approaches to treating patients with Sculptra have since been adopted by surgeons worldwide. The reputation of Dr Ayoubi has led to him being dubbed “The King of Sculptra”.


  • Awarded MD, 1990
  • Received MS in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery, 1994
  • Diploma awarded in Laryngology & Otology, The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1998
  • Elected as Fellow of The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, 1998
  • Elected as Fellow of The European Society of Aesthetic Surgery, 2007



Dr Ayoubi works on a private basis at his practice at 1 Harley Street, LMA Clinic in London. Here, Dr Ayoubi performs advanced cosmetic procedures, including Sculptra. Invasive and surgical procedures are conducted at the Cadogan Clinic, based on Sloan Square, which is renowned as the UK’s top cosmetic surgery hospital. Dr Ayoubi presently works as an ENT Surgeon, with a special interest in Facial Plastic Surgery at The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Chase Farm Hospital, based in London.

Areas of Aesthetic Interests:

Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Reconstruction and Neck Surgery

Non- surgical laser procedures and cosmetic procedures, which include:

Dr Al-Ayoubi pioneered an innovative treatment in collagen production through introducing Sculptra to the uk.  Additionally, Dr Ayoubi developed advanced techniques, such as Collagen Stimulation through Sculptra for deep acne scars and scar- free face lifting, correction of facial asymmetry and traumatic scarring. Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi has been developing and perfecting his own advanced Sculptra techniques for over 20 years. Dr Ayoubi is internationally acclaimed for his ability to effective treat deep acne scars, traumatic scarring through his Double V and Tear Duct technique and facial asymmetry.

Dr Ayoubi was also the very first Facial Plastic Surgeon to introduce the Aptos facial thread lift in 2003. Silhouette Soft was also pioneered in the UK by Dr Ayoubi, which is an innovative non-surgical facelift treatment that does not require any incisions. The procedures are far less invasive than a traditional face lift and can be carried out in conjunction with Sculptra treatments. The combined treatments are able to dramatically improve upon facial sagging, skin texture and visible signs of ageing. As the procedures are minimally invasive, they can be carried out at the London Medical and Aesthetics Clinic and no general anaesthesia or sedation is required. Thanks to advancements within the world of cosmetic medicine and the pioneering of Dr Ayoubi, patients are now able to achieve a younger and fresher appearance.

Sculptra is not only recognised as one of the most advanced cosmetic treatments for collagen stimulation, it also aids in the treatment of lost facial volumisation and scars. The Scupltra treatment is also suitable for adults of all ages.

Dr Ayoubi’s Sculptra procedure stimulates the body’s own collagen production. As a result, deep wrinkles and lines are minimised, which creates a youthful appearance with natural-looking results.

Sculptra treatment should be planned and conducted over a period of around 2-12 weeks. Patients can expect to require at least 3 treatments, in most occasions. Each of these treatments are carried out in 2-3-week intervals. After 6 – 10 months, collagen production has reached its optimum production level, meaning that the end result can finally be observed.

Patients who are younger, such as those in their 20’s, are more likely to report visible results after 3 – 4 months, following their first treatment.

The ageing process results in the skin’s appearing looser, the face appearing to have lost volume and the skin itself tends to lose its tautness. It is the loss of collagen which results in these processes, which presents physically as wrinkles.

This also applies to individuals who lose a substantial amount of weight, as they tend to lose facial volume rapidly. The face can appear gaunt and tired as a result. Patients who experience loss of facial volume usually require at least 2-4 Sculptra treatments.

Patients must be thoroughly examined during consultation to ensure a treatment plan is devised which is specific to their individual needs.

Sculptra also differs from other non-surgical procedures as the results are gradual, which allows for a more subtle and natural-looking result. Full-face lifting effect can be reached for most patients after several sessions, of which the results can last between 3 – 5 years.

Worldwide Recognition of Dr Ayoubi’s work:

Dr Ayoubi is recognised as the leading UK authority within the field of facial plastic surgery.  Dr Ayoubi has also carried out numerous clinical trials within the field of facial plastics, which have led to the advanced techniques of Sculptra which he executes at his Harley Street clinic. As a result, he has been training plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors worldwide on the provision of this revolutionary treatment for more than 20 years.

Dr Ayoubi has held numerous national and international conferences on the diversity and benefits of Sculptra provision.  Through demonstrating his expertise and delivering lectures all around the world, Dr Ayoubi has gained a reputation as an internationally acclaimed surgeon. The Sculptra treatment provided at the LMA clinic is an example of innovative, medical excellence, which has unrivalled reputation, worldwide.

Dr Ayoubi’s advanced facial aesthetics, including Scupltra treatments, have been covered by the world’s media, through television documentaries on ITV, Channel 4, BBC, RT, Al JAZEERA, KSA TV and many others.

Articles on Dr Ayoubi’s procedures frequently appear in The Times, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Daily Mirror, ELLE, Grazia, Look, Marie Claire and Tatler.

Dr Ayoubi prides himself on his philosophy, which is to enhance the natural facial beauty of each patient, without altering or losing natural features and expressions. This is very much possible through the provision of Sculptra treatments as the procedure promotes the production of a patient’s own collagen, creating a refreshed and youthful appearance through natural enhancement.

Dr Ayoubi’s  motto is: “The better we look…. the better we feel, through enhancing but preserving natural beauty”.